LaraSecretShare, Laravel Secret Share.

21 Jan

LaraSecretShare, Laravel Secret Share.

What’s LaraSecretShare ?

If you are sharing secret information like, username and password via mail or chat, even after they are used by the recipient, it will be there in chat box or inbox. And that’s a security issue. LaraSecretShare helps you to share secrets, and the secrets will be removed just after the recipient
view it. If recipient didn’t view it, it will be automatically removed after 24 hours. This application is developed using Laravel framework (Laravel 8)

This application can be installed in your own server, and you have full control over the application.
Secrets can be shared with guests and also with registered users. Organizations can use this tool to
share secrets between employees in a secure manner.

Demo details

You can see the working demo using the below details.

Demo URL:

Admin login
password: test1234

User Login / test12345

We are selling this application for a cost of $15 and please contact us at if you are interested in the application.

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