Multi-tenant Ticketing System

26 Sep

Multi-tenant Ticketing System

ModulesPanel released a Multi-tenant Ticketing System named Ticketing Expert, in which customers will get a subdomain. Under that subdomain, they will get a complete ticketing system.

Demo Details

Central Admin Login Details / admin1234

Tenant login details

Tenant1 / admin1234

Tenant2 / admin1234

Major features of the system

  • 1. Department wise tickets
  • 2. Private and Internal notes
  • 3. Canned Responses
  • 4. Import tickets from email using IMAP
  • 5. Staffs to department assignment
  • 6. Email notification for ticket opening and ticket reply
  • 7. Multi language support
  • 8. Ticket Tags
  • 8. Permissions
  • 9. KB and FAQs

If you purchase this software, you can set up the ticketing system and customers can order it. This system has two applications.

  • Centarl
  • Tenant

Central application is for ordering the tenant application, central application owner can manage tenants.

A tenant can set up a ticketing system,m for their use, admin of the tenant application can add staff, departments and customers.

Then customer’s of the tenant can open tickets. So multiple tenants will be there in the system.

If you are interested in this application, please contact us using the mail ID mentioned in the header of the page.

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