Server monitoring tool using Laravel.

9 Nov

Server monitoring tool using Laravel.

Server monitoring tool using Laravel.

We have developed a server monitoring tool using Laravel. Using this application you can add all of your servers . You have to give to server address and port to monitor the server. Server address and port will be saved and will be pinged at an interval. So this tool is to monitor your multiple servers from one place. It can be web server, mail server, ftp server or any other servers.

You can provide server address something like ‘’ or IP address of your server.

Why should you use Server monitoring tool?

This Server monitoring tool using Laravel will help you get notified when ever a server goes down. It will help you take quick actions. Dashborad, that display status of your servers will be refreshed in every minutes, so that will display latest status of servers. Server response time too will be there in the dashboard.

Test Connection

We are validating the server connection while adding a server. If your server is down/not exist while adding it, still you can add it. But it won’t monitored at regular interval. We will notify the customer while adding a down/not existing server, if it’s due to wrong address or port customer can correct it and then can add the server again.

Basic And SaaS Versions

We have two version of this software.

One is Basic and the second one is SaaS.

Demo details

Basic Version Demo details

Admin Login Details
E-mail address:
Password : admin1234
User Login Details / user1234

SaaS Version Demo Details

Admin Login details
pass: admin1234
User Login Details
pass: test1234


By default, we have a scheduler that will monitor the servers in every 5 minutes and if any of the server is down, a server down mail will send to the customer along with the server details. If multiple servers are down, it will have details of all the servers that are down. In order to avoid sending repeated emails, we won’t send the same email again when the scheduler again the next time. And it will send a mail when the server is back.

Future features

We are adding more features to it and will keep adding. And in addition to that, we will ask our customer’s feedback and if they demand some customization/feature, we will definitely add it to the Server monitoring tool using Laravel.

How to Contact us

If you would like to know more about this product or would like to contact us please contact us using the mail id:


  1. hello, came across this script and i am very so interested in it. i will like a custom feature for it, are you available for that?

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